The Mountains

The Italian region of Abruzzo is the greenest region of Europe, with 36% of its entire surface covered by three national parks, a regional park, and more than thirty nature reserves. With a territory that is for more than two-thirds above 750 m. a.s.l., VALLE REALE is situated between the provinces of Pescara and L’Aquila, in the point where the three parks intersect: the Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e i Monti della Laga to the north, the Parco Nazionale della Majella to the south, and the Parco Regionale Naturale del Sirente-Velino to the northwest.

This is the mountainous and sylvan heart of the region. A true treasure chest that safeguards the biodiversity of all of Italy. Thanks to its largely uncontaminated environment, it protects numerous ecosystems and habitats, as well as a wealth of flora and fauna. Here the summers and winters represent both extremes, because the heat that is typical of these latitudes of central Italy is in sharp contrast with the rigid winter temperatures and the snows that blanket the highest mountain peaks and cover the upland for days on end.
From the Gran Sasso, icy winds tear through the gorges of the Peligna Valley in the Popoli territory. Here, just a short distance from Valle Reale, there are the sources of the Pescara River, an oasis of purity protected by strictly enforced laws that limit human activity throughout the entire area.
In this pristine environment, animals that are symbolic of Abruzzo thrive, above all the Italian wolf (il lupo appenninico), the Marsican brown bear, and the chamois, as well as birds of prey and many other species that today are considered endangered.