Seeking balance

"Leave to nature the task of establishing an organoleptic profile of the wines. We limit ourselves to accompanying the wines along the path that brings them to aging in the bottle."
Questa è il sentiero che Valle Reale ha scelto di imboccare nel 2007: utilizzare nella vinificazione esclusivamente lieviti indigeni, attendendo con rischio e pazienza la fermentazione spontanea dei mosti d’uva.
For us, this means balance. For years, we have observed and experimented, seeking our path. Until 2007, the year in which we decided to invest our passion in following this path: producing our wines by using only indigenous yeasts, facing the risk and patiently nurturing the spontaneous fermentation of the grape must.
After having made careful observations in the countryside, thanks to the precious contribution of Luciana Biondo, we worked together with Giulio Vecchio in numerous experimental studies on the selection of grapes from different vineyards, in particular those of the Trebbiano d’Abruzzo from the Capestrano Vineyard.
Then we perfected the pied de cuve technique, thanks to the experience and passion of Enrico Antonioli, an expert wine maker who was trained in Burgundy in France.
And in 2007, backed by our conviction, we decided to let nature speak for herself, in order to allow the incredible biodiversity found in the uncontaminated environment that surrounds Valle Reale to express all its richness, transferring the territory into the wines.