Vigneto di Popoli

Questa vigna testimonia come l’altopiano di Valle Reale sia un “luogo del vino” da tempo immemore. Una parte dei suoi filari si stendono di fronte ai ruderi di una grotta-cantina, risalente al 1300 circa. Qui i monaci benedettini, scendendo dal Convento sito a San Benedetto in Perillis, minuscolo paesino aggrappato ai monti alle spalle di Valle Reale, vinificavano e conservavano il loro vino.

This is the parcel of 1 hectare dedicated to Trebbiano d'Abruzzo. While a larger vineyard cultivated in Montepulciano d'Abruzzo stretches further south, towards the entrance of the valley. This Montepulciano is the son of the oldest vineyard of the property. All the rows are exposed to the southeast towards the Majella and the Monti del Morrone and benefit from the presence of a dense oak forest that delimits them to the west. The land, as for the whole plateau near Popoli, are located at 350 meters above sea level. The forest is rich in plant species, tall trees, shrubs in the undergrowth and flowers, which proliferate thanks to the healthiness of the air and the purity of the waters of the source of the Pescara river that flows under the soil of the vineyard. The integrity of this environment favors the development of indigenous yeast strains that give Trebbiano obtained from these grapes almost "extreme" connotations for the type, a "trebbiano del freddo" as it was defined at the first vintage. Walking among these vineyards are not rare our encounters with the wildlife that populates these mountains, from deer to badgers, to foxes, up to the exceptional sightings of some specimen of wolves.