San Calisto Vineyard

This is the father of all the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo vineyards in Valle Reale.
This ancient 8-hectare vineyard, planted in 1960 according to the traditional "pergola abruzzese” – or “Abruzzo arbour” system – and then abandoned by its previous owners, has given rise to the entire agronomic project that we see today. From these vines, we carefully selected the plants from which we collected the buds of Montepulciano that were later grafted and used for new plants, which today make up the vineyard of Popoli. Only during the best vintages do we destine a parcel of 4 hectares, limited to the highest area, to the production of San Calisto cru.

Unfortunately, year after year, this production decreases due to the age of the plants. This is a vineyard of great historical value, standing witness to the saga of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, the first traces of which have been documented in this area of the mountains. The ripening of the grapes is very slow and the harvest is unlikely to take place before the beginning of November. The winds are cold and especially strong in this corner of the uplands. The temperature difference from day to night, which occurs during all four seasons, gives rise to high levels of acidity. This means that the wine is best consumed after many years of aging in the bottle.