Sant'Eusanio Vineyard

A small garden of vines set amidst pine woods.
This is Sant’Eusanio: the vineyard situated at 497 m above sea level in the highest zone of all the Valle Reale. Here we planted vines in 2002 in a soil that is poor and pebbly, similar to that of the rest of the uplands. What distinguishes this vineyard from the others of Popoli are the northern exposure and the day-night temperature differences, which here can reach the lowest temperatures in the valley.
These factors amount to extreme microclimatic conditions where the clusters of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Sant’Eusanio ripen, making it a unique wine. It is an uncompromising expression of the mountain Montepulciano and speaks a dynamic lingo of acidity and freshness, in sharp contrast to the dialectics of body and structure found in more traditional wines obtained with the same grapes cultivated in the coastal zone of the region.

Thanks to its uniqueness, this 2-hectare parcel also gives rise to a experimental cru of Cerasuolo Abruzzo, which we produce only during the best years, from perfectly ripened grapes harvested at night. Sant'Eusanio Cerasuolo Notte is completely different from the typical Cerasuolo of Abruzzo and its bouquet is its calling card. We have decided to produce a "Day" version of the same wine, because it is also interesting to be able to compare the two Cerasuolo twins that differ according to the different production methods using the same grapes: Night (Night) with a very Short fermentation, while Day is made using the traditional method.