The Convent Vineyard

The Convent Vineyard is the most recent cru defined within the surface area of the vineyards planted in the town of Capestrano.
This 4.5-hectare vineyard stretches over the higher part of the terrain, where vineyards and vegetables were once cultivated, belonging to the ancient Convent of St. Francis, built beginning in the mid-XV century on a hill overlooking the small hamlet of Capestrano.

Founded by St. John of Capestrano (1386 - 1456), who together with Saint Bernadin of Siena spread Franciscanism throughout the world, the convent is now a treasure chest that encompasses the history of this part of Abruzzo in a rich library of ancient manuscripts and original papal bulls. It was 2003 when we planted the cuttings of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo, obtained through a selection of the ancient vineyards of Popoli in a poor soil rich in rock fragments but with a good portion of clay, which makes it possible for the soil to retain water , thus relieving the vines of water stress during dry spells. With its southeastern exposure, and so constant sunshine, during its very first year the vineyard survived the hottest year of the past century. Another initial hurdle to be overcome was the discovery of iron chlorosis in 2004,

The microclimate so different from that of the Peoples uplands results in two significant consequences: harvests that are on average two or three weeks early, depending on the year, and Montepulciano d'Abruzzo which is outstanding for its power and concentration compared to those produced in other company's crus.