2009 - Sant'Eusanio Vineyard

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC Vigneto Sant’Eusanio 2009

This vintage enjoyed such a favourable climate that we decided to separate the wine-making process, with its own yeasts and without temperature control, even for the highest vineyard of the property. The separation of the wine-making process for this cru actually began in 2006, but at that time we considered the vineyard to be too young to ensure continuity in the results. In this vineyard, surrounded by a pine grove, the vines and conifers co-exist thanks to a particular position of the mountains that encircle the parcel, bringing shade and cooler temperatures on the wooded side until the early hours of the afternoon. We harvested the grapes at their highest degree of phenolic maturation and subjected them to a brief maceration, aiming for balance and fine tannin. This is also why we opted for aging exclusively in steel, in order not to contaminate the tannin with wood.


5.860 Bottles + 80 Magnum