Vintages - 2016 for Valle Reale

After the early hot spring, on April 26, both in Popoli and Capestrano, handled a terrible frost that destroyed a big part of the gems, most of the plants started over with a second germination.

Fortunately, the following rather hot summer allowed most of the grapes to complete the ripening process. However, many labels of Valle Reale will not be released.

The frost affected less quantity of gems in the old Popoli’s pergola than in the spalliera, allowing us to reach the phenolic maturation for the Montepulciano and also to harvest a few grapes in San Calisto vineyard.

Sant’ Eusanio’s parcel, benefited the downhill position in the valley and will mark this vintage with a red wine.

In Capestrano we’ve not been able to harvest enough quantity of Trebbiano grapes to justify a separated fermentation and we will miss the vintage, while we found a great quality of grapes of Montepulciano in the highest part of the vineyard, less affected by the frost.

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