2007 - Capestrano Vineyard

Trebbiano d’Abruzzo Vigna di Capestrano 2007
This particular vintage marked a decisive moment in our evolution. We could, however, make use of a lush green environment, incredibly healthy and far from pollution; moreover, we had healthy grapes and we could work with indigenous yeasts without controlling the temperature of the fermentation. It was Giulio Vecchio who proposed the experiment during this vintage and in the beginning it did not seem very promising. Indeed, the fermentation of those clusters would not start and the must remained unchanged for nearly two weeks. Then it began to barely “sizzle” then complete the alcoholic fermentation in another 18 days.
When we first tasted the wine, it seemed incredibly sour, with very sharp citrus notes. A dear friend said to us: “Wait”. The wine was left in the vat in contact with the yeast for the following year, until after Christmas. After the summer, however, the olfactive profile changed drastically, the wine became richer, and its prickly personality seemed to have softened. Once bottled, the wine remained in the cellar another six months.
It was an extraordinary vintage, long-lived and particular.


2.895 Bottles + 35 Magnum