Vintages - 2007 for Valle Reale

The year 2007 was of fundamental importance for our history. This year was a turning point.
After numerous trips to Burgundy to better understand French wine-making methods, after careful observation of the vineyards and the botanical environment surrounding them, this was the year we embarked on our first experiments with spontaneous fermentation. The protagonists were the Trebbiano d’Abruzzo grapes from the parcel of the Capestrano Vineyard that overlooks the homonymous source of the Tirino. The exceptional patrimony of autochthonous yeasts present naturally gave us a wine with a profile that has yet to be equalled. The year 2007 in fact was the first vintage ever produced from the Capestrano Vineyard. It was an extraordinary year, characterised by exceptional weather conditions: the considerable day-night temperature changes were constant during the entire ripening period, with a spring that was immediately hot but not dry, and a dry summer. The only rainfall, during the month of September, did not compromise the quality of the grapes at all. The harvest took place on October 13th.
Even in the Popoli vineyards the year was characterised by a very hot and dry summer, because during the summer months there was no precipitation after the first ten days of June. A similar climatic trend generated a drastic reduction in production. This was followed by a September with still high temperatures and a notable insolation, and an October within average conditions until the days leading up to the harvest (November 13th), when rainfall was intense yet did not compromise the condition of the grapes.

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