Vintages - 2010 for Valle Reale

The year 2010 was a very generous year and quite balanced for our production. The quality of the grapes was generally very high in terms of quantity.
A year of drought for the Capestrano vineyards, 2010 was marked by a reduced difference in day-night temperatures, which is quite unusual in these zones. During the months of May and June, rainfall was scarce in terms of quantity and frequency, while July and August recorded somewhat high minimum temperatures. The grapes were less acidic compared to other years, and it was necessary to thin out the vineyard in order to compensate for the evident water stress. The harvests began on September 13th in Capestrano and were concluded during the last days of October in Popoli.

Beginning in this year, all the wines obtained from our cru were made into wine using spontaneous fermentation.
The decision made in 2007 continues to convince us and reap satisfactory results.

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