Vintages - 2011 for Valle Reale

A good year: this is how we remember 2011. Especially for our San Calisto cru. The climatic trend was similar to that of 2007, with the exception of ten days of rain during the month of July that contributed to maintaining the day-night temperature difference high without bringing disease to the plants. During the first days of September, the grapes were already perfectly ripe, making it possible to begin the harvest in Capestrano during the first ten days: a true record! However, in terms of quantity, the situation was a repeat of 2010, when the vineyards produced less than previous vintages; this was also due to a light spring frost that compromised the fruit setting in a part of the vineyard.
We also decided to select the grapes very carefully and decisively, to maintain the high quality of the harvest - and hence of the wine - as is our tradition.

The year 2011 was the first time we harvested the grapes of the Convent Vineyard parcel.

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