Vintages - 2013 for Valle Reale

The winter of 2012-2013 was a good one. A heavy snowfall recorded just before the end of the year allowed the soil to rest and prepared the vineyards for a new season.
As soon as January, temperatures rose quickly and the vegetation responded spontaneously.
The spring continued with high humidity that, combined with the higher-than-average temperatures, led to the appearance of peronospora (mildew) on the leaves. The ripening was not optimal due to a failure to mellow (the ripening of the buds); this led to a lack of homogeneity in the quality of the grapes, especially red ones. For this reason, we felt we had no choice but to make no red wines from our cru.

This was also the year that we decided to undertake the conversion of 8 hectares of our vineyards to a biodynamic regime and to renovate the building adjacent to the vegetable garden, which will become a reception centre for those who come to visit.

In the end, 2013 left us with an incredible sense of satisfaction: our Trebbiano Vigna di Capestrano 2010 won the Oscar of wine, awarded by the Guida Bibenda of the AIS – Associazione Italiana Sommelier (Italian Sommelier Association).

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