Vintages - 2012 for Valle Reale

The year 2012 undoubtedly gave us one of the best years of our Capestrano Vineyard cru.

In terms of the climate, 2012 was characterised by intense rainfall over the course of a few days, which did not create situations of excessive humidity. We did not record excessively high temperatures, but rather an excellent irradiation that enabled the grapes to maintain an excellent acidity. The ripening took place correctly, with no pathologies for the plants and with no water stress. The grapes harvests were ripe and healthy. The harvest began on August 12th, much earlier than usual. We observed an increase in the thickness of the skin, which certainly contributed to increasing the complexity of the wine and preventing the grapes from rotting. The spontaneous fermentation started with no difficulties, also thanks to the mild temperatures of late August, and proceeded slowly and without interruption.

The year 2012 was also when we began producing Cerasuolo from the Sant’Eusanio Vineyard parcel, in both its Night and Day versions.

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